Mystery Dining

How Ready Are You?

Our Mystery Dining program is designed to address one of the key factors in Customer Satisfaction, Which in addition to the food itself, also includes your Environment, Customer service and quality of facilities and products offered on any given day. We will send in key assessors to test your readiness for the launch of a new product, menu or restaurant.

Restaurant Monitoring

Already in business? Not a problem, our Continuous Restaurant Monitoring program keeps you in the loop so there are no slip ups and helps you identify any potential problems before your customers start talking. With our tailored approach, we provide you with improvement solutions to drive performance, sales and customer loyalty. WeCritique is dedicated to help increase customer satisfaction, boost sales performance and build staff competence, resulting in increased profitability.

Reputation Control

In addition to our In Depth Assessments we also offer ‘Reputation Control’ whereby we monitor your twitter, Facebook, and online websites and forums for any feedback be it positive or negative and report back to you at regular intervals.

Be Prepared with Mystery Dining

Mystery Dining